Crepe Guy

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Michael places an order with Crepe Guy

Crepe Guy spends most of his time at the Christmas market in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png6 Heidelberg. He runs Heidelberg's number one crepe stand, selling an impressive array of crepes and waffles. From ten in the morning to eight at night, he can be seen wearing a green sweater and taking orders for crepes. His speciality is a banane-schoko-mandelsplitter, though he sometimes runs out of splitter. He can normally persuade customers to settle for a zucker-zim when that happens.

Crepe Guy also has an annoying habit of reversing everyone's order. This means that if you order a banane-schoko, as listed on the menu, he reads this back as schoko-banane, thus making you feel slightly stupid. He also likes to show up native English speakers by telling them how much they owe in English, even if they're making the attempt to order in German.