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Disgruntled is a state which is usually reached by the disgruntled boys when the dicking around boys dick around. The disgruntled boys are fond of chilling and often go on strike and refuse to follow the dicking around boys when they are dicking around. Steve and David were the founder members of the disgruntled boys, with Mike joining them very soon afterwards. Amal is the fourth member of the disgruntled boys, whilst Rupert joins them occasionally. The only member of the Colonel's Regiment that has never been a disgruntled boy is Moules. Even Dave united with the disgruntled boys on Mission 5 22px-Flag of Italy.svg.png Colonel.png5 Genoa, much to Chris' disgust, as he had a whole hour of dicking around planned. Dave, however, was much happier with the idea of chilling.

Dave is also responsible for perhaps the greatest ever expression of disgruntlement. When the rest of the regiment suggested a visit to the sex museum in 22px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Colonel.png9 Amsterdam, Dave was so disgruntled at this idea that he decided to return to the hotel to have a dump.