Eighth Colonel's man

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Like "the fifth Beatle", this is a position that has sparked much controversy over the years. As the Colonel's Regiment comprises seven people, it has often been discussed that the addition of an eighth Colonel's Man would make booking hotels easier. Nevans filled this role successfully in 22px-Flag of Ireland.svg.png Colonel.png2 Dublin, but was unable to come on the following break to 22px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Colonel.png3 Stockholm. Possible candidates for the eighth Colonel's man included Mike Nolan, Mark Butcher, Frank Bruno and Jon Voight.

However, at the draw in 22px-Flag of Poland.svg.png Colonel.png11 Gdańsk, following a gruelling induction period spanning two breaks, Jon Gair finally achieved what in some people's eyes is the ultimate accolade: full Colonel's man status. It is still unclear whether his presence made booking hotels easier.

On Mission 22 22px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png Colonel.png22 Lisbon a toast was inaugurated to formalize the honour of being proposed as a potential eighth Colonel's man. The inaugural award was made to Jon Voight in recognition of his services to German-US understanding.