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Number of missions 3 (Mission 3 22px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Colonel.png3 Stockholm, Mission 8 22px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Colonel.png8 Oslo, Mission 12 22px-Flag of Finland.svg.png Colonel.png12 Helsinki
Missions commanded 0
Draw privilege Eric's "You, fuck you, you are a piece of fucking shit" privilege
Gets a destination never
Preceding mascot Little Lucky Leprechaun
Following mascot Kurt

Eric the Viking was responsible for cementing the tradition of a mascot joining the Colonel's Regiment on each mission. He is a Scandinavian by birth, hailing from the beautiful city of 22px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Colonel.png3 Stockholm. Unfortunately, due to his delicate nature, travelling is a problem for him and he has been unable to be present on many missions. He did recently revisit Scandanavia on Mission 8 22px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Colonel.png8 Oslo, but his fragility became all too obvious when Rupert chucked a snowball at his head and succeeded in breaking his helmet. He has vowed not to attend another mission after this incident.

Eric's privilege

Eric may be invoked after the main draw by shouting "You, fuck you, you are a piece of fucking shit" in a Swedish accent. (To avoid embarrassment, just "You..." will normally do)

If all the Colonel's men present agree, they may then replay the draw; the result of this draw is considered final, unless Marco Taylor intervenes.

Only the bit with the actual drawing is replayed, as if the "main" draw had been a second rehearsal draw. We don't go through all the mascot rounds again, as that would be tedious.

Interaction with Gløgg

If Gløgg bums Eric, the "You, fuck you, you are a piece of fucking shit!" round cannot occur. So even if everyone doesn't want to go to the winning destination, you can't invoke this round.

If Eric is helped, only three people need to agree that they're unhappy with the winner for another draw to take place.