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The Colonel's men have imbibed many things whilst on breaks. Christmas markets are particularly fruitful places to find new and unusual drinking opportunities.

Christmas market drinks


Alcohol free punch. A type of punch enjoyed by David and Jon Voight in 22px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Colonel.png4 Salzburg.


Eierpunsch served in a boot

Eierpunsch is a drink served in the winter months at german Christmas markets. It is eggnog based with a variety of alcoholic constituents designed to give it a kick. It is also topped with cream. The Colonel's Regiment had a fantastic Eierpunsch in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png14 Hanover and a disgusting Eierpunsch in Celle.


Feuerzangenbowle is a hot alcoholic drink served at Christmas markets in Germany. Dave had one during Mission 14 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png14 Hanover. It is basically pure alcohol. Dave thought it was pretty good.


A traditional Scandinavian hot beverage (sometimes called "glogg"), which is very similar to glühwein. The Colonel's Regiment were lucky enough to find some during Mission 8 22px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Colonel.png8 Oslo. They were served by a group of natives sitting around a fire. Once the gløgg is served, they were offered the possibility of having raisins or nuts in. These were then chucked into the bottom of the cups. Once they'd bought their gløgg, the Colonel's Regiment were informed that, whilst gløgg should normally be made with alcohol, this one wasn't as if you made it with alcohol it could go badly wrong.

See also Gløgg the mascot.


Glogi is a Finnish speciality, similar to Gløgg (drink) and Glühwein. It is served in the Finnish Christmas market in 22px-Flag of Finland.svg.png Colonel.png12 Helsinki throughout the Christmas period and also various bars around the city centre. Glogi comes in various forms, from fortified wine laced with schapps right through to a beverage which bears a similarity to Ribena. In the Christmas market, Glogi is sometimes accompanied by pipari.


Also known as mulled wine. It is served in 22px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Colonel.png4 Salzburg throughout the winter months by the ice rink. The Colonel's Regiment drank lots of it whilst eating Mozart's balls and watching Moules on ice. It is also available at the Christmas market in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png6 Heidelberg and is often complimented by Backschinke, Bratwurst, Feuerwurst or, on rare occasions, Banane-schoko-mandelsplitter. Gluhwein contains neither Himbeer nor Brombeer. Strangely, the glühwein stall in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Alan-Shearer.png 21 Colonel.png26 Garmisch-Partenkirchen also sells White Glühwein.


Not in fact a drink in itself, Schuss refers to alcohol added to gluhwein to give it an extra kick. Schuss can come in many forms but in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png14 Hanover zoo came in the form of amaretto or rum. It is customary if you want schuss in your gluhwein, to simply ask for "gluhwein mit schuss".


Wild berry punch. A type of punch enjoyed by Dave and Jon Voight.

White Glühwein

Hot wee.

Alcoholic drinks


A form of schnapps which is a speciality of I-Punkt. However, for some reason, when you try to order it, you always get Sauerapfel instead.

Doctor Wine

Doctor Wine.jpg

A selection of wines (white, red, and rosé) available in small bottles in Sintra, and apparently nowhere else. Some of the Regiment were able to sample Doctor Wine (white) at the Castelo dos Mouros above Sintra.

See also Doctor Wine the mascot.



A kamikadze is a cocktail served at the Cafe Kamienica in 22px-Flag of Poland.svg.png Colonel.png11 Gdańsk. It consists of vodka, curacao and lime juice served in four glasses.

Kamikadzes are very useful when recreating scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


A kind of punch drink made with wine and fruit juice, served in 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png Colonel.pngColonel.png7 Barcelona amongst other places. It was a particular favourite of the Colonel's Regiment during mission 7. Much sangria was consumed whilst chilling at Luz de Gas.


A form of German schnapps served at I-Punkt and Destille amongst others. Unsurprisingly, it tastes of sour apples.

Super Bock beer

A beer from 22px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png Colonel.png17 Porto widely available in Portugal and popular with aficionados of the "Super Match Game" segment of veteran British game show "Blankety Blank".

Soft drinks



Cult is a drink available in Iceland. It is a high energy drink and bears a distinct resemblance to Red Bull. The Colonel's Regiment bought a can during Mission 13 22px-Flag of Iceland.svg.png Colonel.png13 Alan-Shearer.png 25 Reykjavík and consumed it at the summit of Mount Sulur in an effort to replenish their energy in readiness for the descent.

Robert's mocha

Robert's Mocha

Available from the coffee stand at the main station in 22px-Flag of Finland.svg.png Colonel.png12 Helsinki, a Robert's Mocha is basically just a mocha with a comedy name.

It is not known whether this mocha is produced by Robert from "Duty Free", or some other Robert.


Kinnie is a soft drink available in 22px-Flag of Malta.svg.png Colonel.png19 Valletta, other parts of Malta, and on selected Air Malta flights. It is a bitter orangey sort of an affair with some resemblance to Canada Dry. Bars in the Sliema area offer draught Kinnie. Although none of the Colonel's men liked it after trying it on the flight over, they still bought a bottle in Gozo, presumably because they thought it would taste better in its natural habitat. In this they were mistaken.