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Solo! is a word that sums up Mission 4 22px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Colonel.png4 Salzburg. Just after a very disappointing final night meal and the revealing of Toulouse as the destination for mission 5, the Colonel's Regiment wandered to the ice rink and partook of some glühwein to drown their sorrows. Whilst there, they were confronted by a very drunken vagabond. He was attracted by Dave's vagabond bag and decided to join us. He talked for a while and, when Dave decided to take a sneaky picture of him, we were a bit concerned. However, he said, "You take another picture" and Steve and Mike said, "Yes, but with us!" David also joined in and a picture was taken. However, shortly afterwards he pushed them aside and said "Solo!" holding his arms out wide to pose for another picture. After Steve had retrieved the two Euros each for the glühwein cups, the Colonel's Regiment wandered to a nearby bar and did several recreations of the "Solo!" incident on route.