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Stockholm was the venue for the 3rd mission, where the Regiment recruited Eric.


Mike's Stockholm Diary


Bus shafting

Whilst queueing for a bus, the Colonel's Regiment noticed the door open at the back. People behind them in the queue thus leapt on the back of the bus and pinched all of the seats, thus bus shafting those waiting in the queue in front of them. All of the Colonel's Regiment were forced to stand for their two hour journey. On the way back, Chris and Mike succeeded in bus shafting the other members of the regiment, by dashing onto the door in the middle of the bus. Amal was stopped from following by a woman who told him that the middle door was for people with small children only.

Do you know what time it is?

An innocent question sometimes misinterpreted by Amal as a request to leave the building.

Gamla Stan

The old town region of Stockholm, where the Colonel's Regiment have yet to go.


Swedish Beamish, with an impressive array of Ploppy actors.


A traditional Swedish spread consisting of a variety of fish, Swedish meatballs, pies, salad, egg, bread, cheese, potatoes and so on. Basically any food item could be a constituent of Smörgåsbord. The Colonel's Regiment were lucky enough to experience a breakfast smörgåsbord Stockholm.

'Smorgasbord' can also be used to describe a large array of similar items, which need not be food items. For example, if on the BBC coverage of the World Cup, the guests included Terry Venables, Bobby Robson and John Barnes, hosted by Gary Lineker, you might describe this as 'a smorgasbord of ex-England managers and players'.