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The Planetenweg, or planetary way, is a trail on the Uetliberg outside the city of 20px-Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Colonel.png10 Zürich. The Colonel's Regiment visited it during Mission 10 20px-Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Colonel.png10 Zürich. It is a 1:1 billion scale model of the solar system, in which the planets themselves and the distances between them are to scale. If you visit in winter, you are gifted with a beautiful walk through the snow, combined with high winds that can quite literally take your face off. However, you can form a rolling maul to protect yourself. Unfortunately, someone has nicked Uranus, but the Colonel's Regiment kindly replaced it with a lump of snow, as everyone else would think it was the planet Uranus, but they would know that it was actually a lump of snow.