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Barcelona was the venue for mission 7, where Reardon joined the Regiment.

Barcelona became the first Completed Mission along with Mission 1 1 Paris during Mission 23 23 Copenhagen.


Mike's Barcelona Diary


Parc Güell

A park in northern 7 Barcelona which seems to have been a hang out of Gaudi's in his formative years. The park is very pleasant and cluttered with various architectural wonders. However, one somewhat distressing feature of the park is that it is entirely devoid of signs, which makes it very difficult to find your way around. The Colonel's Regiment weren't sure whether parks in 7 Barcelona considered that having signs in parks was a good thing. Upon further research, they discovered that opinion was divided on the matter: all the other parks say it is, Parc Guell says it isn't.

Ray Reardon

A six times world snooker champion from Wales. Recently, he has been spending time at his second home in the Port Olimpico area of 7 Barcelona, where he owns a tapas bar. It is deemed to be a great honour for Ray to serve you when you eat at Reardon's. Most of the time he can be found either propping up the bar whilst watching Valentino Rossi on the television or sitting down at one of the tables dining on a large bucket of moules. Ray Reardon is renowed for serving the best tapas in the whole of the Barcelona area.


A tapas bar in the Port Olimpico area of 7 Barcelona, managed by six times world snooker champion Ray Reardon. It also goes by the pseudonyms of "La Cantineta" and "Monchos".

Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Família is a prime example of neolithic crap. It is an unfinished cathedral designed by Gaudí situated in 7 Barcelona. The Colonel's Regiment stood outside it during Mission 7 7 Barcelona, but declined to go in. Moules was slightly disappointed, seeing a real opportunity for some dicking around.


A traditional snack enjoyed in Spain, but it is a cut above the whole world of cheezy Wotzits and Monster Munch (though, to be fair, Monster Munch is class). It comprises several dishes of different kinds of food - bread, ham, cheese, moules, mini squid, small fish and bruschetta are some of the many things on offer. The Colonel's regiment enjoyed several portions of tapas during Mission 7 7 Barcelona. The finest such tapas was found to exist in the establishment owned by six times world snooker champion Ray Reardon, with the tapas of Luz de Gas coming in a close second. Some people think that tapas is to the Spanish what a good old fashioned smorgasbord is to the Swedish.