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This was the first of the Colonel's Weekend Breaks.

One of our number was reported missing in the field. Reports had filtered back to headquarters of sightings in the environs of the Université de Paris XI. Our mission: to locate him, and to deploy our comedy payload...

As of Mission 23 23 Copenhagen, Paris becomes the first Completed Mission along with Mission 7 7 Barcelona.


Mike's Paris Diary

Dave's pictorial Paris diary



A death sentence usually taken out by members of the Islamic faith. The Colonel's men were concerned that Steve may have incurred a fatwa outside the Iranian embassy.

I will put my coat on

A customary phrase which signifies the beginning of the journey for each of the Colonel's weekend breaks. This phrase was used initially by Mike early in the morning as he, Steve and David left 128 Argyle Street to begin their journey to Paris. They had already been approaching hysteria owing to the fact that they'd been up too early, so when Mike went into the hallway and said, "I will put my coat on!" in a comedy French accent, David and Steve burst into fits of laughter. Whilst the phrase itself wasn't very funny, David pointed out that anything seems funny at six in the morning. It is now traditional for one of the Colonel's Regiment to say this phrase in the accent of the people from the country they are visiting as they leave their house to begin their journey to the destination for that particular break.

John Prescott

Former Labour deputy Prime Minister who had an egg thrown at him on the campaign trail for the May 2001 General Election. This led to Prescott recreations being performed throughout the mission.

Mr Tom

A prolific confectionery snack found in most vending machines in the 1 Paris area and throughout France. The Colonel's regiment were fortunate to sample a Mr Tom in Paris. They were disappointed to discover that the name of the snack bar was far better than the actual taste - it turned out to be an amalgamation of different nuts packed together in a snack bar and was somewhat similar to a picnic bar. Other confectionery items sampled during missions include Nuts, Twix Tops and Cratch in 1 Paris, Plopp and fake Plopp in 3 Stockholm, Mozart's balls in 4 Salzburg and Loaker in 5 Genoa.


Pudding is a fantastic cake served in a bakery near Massy Paliseau. A word of warning however: in 14 Hanover, pudding is cold custard served with pancakes, which is very disappointing.