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Dublin was the venue for Mission 2. The Regiment recruited Little Lucky Leprechaun here.


Mike's Dublin Diary



Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic: a field of study beloved of Nick Evans.


See Barthez

Neolithic crap

A term used by the disgruntled boys to refer to any historical site which they deem to be rubbish. The dicking around boys are fans of visiting neolithic crap and have dragged the disgruntled boys to visit such places in the past. Examples of neolithic crap are Newgrange, The Book of Smells and The National Museum in 2 Dublin.


A site some fifty miles north of 2 Dublin that is famous for neolithic crap.


A cry shouted by a member of the Colonel's Regiment when he decides to pile on one of the others. It was originally invented by David and Mike when they were young. David, Chris and Mike all ormed on Rupert in Las Vegas. However the record number for an orm pile came in 2 Dublin, when Mike, Steve, Chris and Amal all ormed on David. He was not pleased as he was asleep at the time. Orm is also a character in the film "Attack Force Z".

See also Frognerparken, the site of Europe's largest stone orm.


See Shearer

Temple Bar area

An area in 2 Dublin famous for loud pubs and restaurants. It is identified by the f***ing cobbles on the f***ing streets.

The Book of Smells

Ancient Irish book in Trinity College, 2 Dublin. It is famous for being neolithic crap and is also referred to as "the Book of Kells". The term was originally coined by Mike and used by the disgruntled boys.

The experience

The experience was a concept introduced for Mission 2 2 Dublin. It refers to the first meeting between two or more Colonel's men about to go on a mission. Should they be meeting up with the purpose of going on a mission (and not going their separate ways before the break) then it is said that their Colonel's break experience has started. The first "experience" to be enjoyed by the Colonel's men was between Rupert and Mike, when they met up on the cycle bridge in Cambridge just prior to Mission 2 2 Dublin. David joined an hour or so later to begin his Colonel's break experience. When two or more groups of Colonel's men meet up whilst having their own Colonel's break experiences, the result is a Grand Unified Experience or (more rarely) an Experience of Everything.