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The Swiss town of Zürich, complete with Christmas market and Langos, was the destination for mission 10. PC Bourne was here.


Mike's Zürich Diary

David's Zürich Diary




A kind of fruity white chocolate confection available in 10 Zürich. Contrary to popular opinion, there is neither Himbeer nor Brombeer in glühwein. It is just wine.



Langos was discovered by the Colonel's Regiment during Mission 10 10 Zürich. It is a batter-based product which bears a distinct resemblance to a poppadom. Langos is made by frying batter and then serving it with paprika (optional). The Colonel's Regiment were lucky enough to sample several Langi (plural) during mission 10, though, unlike some greedy old woman at the first stall they visited, none of them were brave enough to have a whole Langos to themselves.


The Planetenweg, or planetary way, is a trail on the Uetliberg outside the city of 10 Zürich. The Colonel's Regiment visited it during Mission 10 10 Zürich. It is a 1:1 billion scale model of the solar system, in which the planets themselves and the distances between them are to scale. If you visit in winter, you are gifted with a beautiful walk through the snow, combined with high winds that can quite literally take your face off. However, you can form a rolling maul to protect yourself. Unfortunately, someone has nicked Uranus, but the Colonel's Regiment kindly replaced it with a lump of snow, as everyone else would think it was the planet Uranus, but they would know that it was actually a lump of snow.


Raclette is a Swiss speciality. It is served in restaurants and is basically a plate of slightly odd melted cheese. It can also be obtained from Christmas markets. The Colonel's Regiment sampled some during Mission 10 10 Zürich.

On Mission 15 15 Geneva, the Colonel's Regiment purchased raclette in packet form from a shop for their walk up La dole. It turned out to be cheese slices.

Rolling maul

A Rolling Maul.
A Rolling Maul.

Rolling mauls in rugby union occur when players pack together into a maul and the ball is passed backwards through the players hands to one at the rear, who rolls off the side to change the direction of the drive. This tactic can be extremely effective in gaining ground and takes great skill and technique both to do properly and to try to prevent.

Combining their great skill at rugby union, Amal, Chris, David and Mike formed a rolling maul on the Uetliberg in 10 Zürich, in an effort to keep warm and survive the harsh winds on the mountain top. Each member of the maul could only survive brief moments at the front, as the blizzard conditions lacerated their faces. They are convinced that the rolling maul is the only thing that kept them alive. The Irish Rugby Union team are masters of the rolling maul.


The Uetliberg, or "Ütliberg" I guess, is a big hill outside 10 Zürich, similar to the Holmenkollen in Oslo. It is home to the world famous Planetenweg and is a fine place to form a rolling maul.