That Dog

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That Dog
That Dog
Number of missions 1 (Mission 26 21 26 Garmisch-Partenkirchen)
Missions commanded 0
Draw privilege That Dog's veto
Gets a destination
Preceding mascot Brass Napoleon
Following mascot Six Vitoshan Dogs

That Dog ran away from his former owner to join the Colonel's Regiment on Mission 26 21 26 Garmisch-Partenkirchen. That Dog is peculiarly interested in Louis's X-Factor contest. Specifically, when first one of the judges has all their destinations eliminated, That Dog follows that judge.

If That Dog is following you and you use a veto vote, That Dog automatically vetoes you.

Mission Eliminated judge That Dog following Result
Mission 27 27 Sofia Simon Dave No veto cast
Mission 28 28 Vienna Cheryl David Vetoed 29 Luxembourg (City), unsuccessfully
Mission 29 29 Luxembourg (City) Cheryl Rupert No veto cast
Mission 30 30 Bergen Louis Dave No veto cast - Kurt's veto was a fake round
Mission 31 31 Kraków Simon Rupert No veto cast
Mission 32 32 Rome Louis Dave Vetoed 40 Douglas, unsuccessfully
Mission 33 33 Bayeux Louis David Vetoed Split, unsuccessfully
Mission 34 34 Skipton Simon Mike Vetoed 39 Vaduz, unsuccessfully
Mission 35 35 Kendal Cheryl Rupert No veto cast
Mission 36 36 Rye Louis David Vetoed Tórshavn, unsuccessfully
Mission 37 34 37 Sarajevo Simon Rupert No veto as Kurt lost his round (death of Mikhail Gorbachev)

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