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Number of missions 4 (Mission 8 8 Oslo, Mission 9 9 Amsterdam, Mission 10 10 Zürich, Mission 13 13 25 Reykjavík)
Missions commanded 0
Draw privilege Gløgg bums the mascots
Gets a destination If his effect results in a destination being restored to the draw or an extra destination being added
Average finishing position in draws 1.00
Best finish in a draw 1st (Mission 18 18 Berlin)
Worst finish in a draw 1st (Mission 18 18 Berlin)
Preceding mascot Reardon
Following mascot Barney

Gløgg joined the Colonel's regiment on Mission 8 8 Oslo. He is a small moose who sports a jumper with the Norwegian flag across the front. He is named in honour of the traditional Scandinavian hot beverage gløgg, which is very similar to glühwein. The differences are slight—it is sometimes served with raisins and nuts on the bottom of the cup and is occasionally made without any wine in it. Apparently if it's made with wine it can go badly wrong. Gløgg is proud of his rotating limbs.

See also Gløgg (drink).

Gløgg bums the mascots

This was a new addition to the draw for Mission 9 9 Amsterdam. As all the rounds up until that point affected the Colonel's Regiment, it was decided to introduce a round that could potentially bum or help the mascots. This turned out to be a terrible idea, as unlike the Colonel's men, the mascots each operate differently, so Gløgg's effect on each mascot must also be different. Still, what's done is done, che será será, mind the gap, etc.

Gløgg's bum the mascots round comes immediately after the revealing of destinations and the Little Lucky Leprechaun's choice. Once everyone has revealed, the names of all of the mascots who Gløgg can affect are put into a hat and one is pulled out at random. Once the mascot to be "bummed" has been selected, another draw takes place using the tiles, "bum", "no bum" and "kiss my face" (i.e., helped.) If it's "no bum", nothing happens to the draw and we move straight into Kurt's veto round. If it's either "bum" or "kiss my face", then the mascot is accordingly bummed or helped.

Gløgg can affect these mascots:

The effect Gløgg has on each mascot is described fully on the page for that mascot.


Mission Mascot Affected Effect
Mission 9 9 Amsterdam Reardon Not bummed
Mission 10 10 Zürich Kurt Helped
Mission 11 11 Gdańsk Little Lucky Leprechaun Bummed
Mission 12 12 Helsinki Hel 2006 Helped
Mission 13 13 25 Reykjavík Reardon Bummed
Mission 14 14 Hanover Kurt Helped
Mission 15 15 Geneva Eric Not bummed
Mission 16 16 Athens Barney Helped
Mission 17 17 36 Porto Barney Not bummed
Mission 18 18 Berlin Hel 2006 Bummed
Mission 19 19 Valletta Barney Bummed
Mission 20 20 Bruges P.C. Bourne Not bummed
Mission 21 21 Budapest P.C. Bourne Bummed
Mission 22 22 Lisbon Grosser Vass Helped
Mission 23 23 Copenhagen Kurt Bummed
Mission 24 24 Arnhem Barney Bummed
Mission 25 25 Ghent Hel 2006 Not Bummed
Mission 26 21 26 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Shaft Not Bummed
Mission 27 27 Sofia Louis Not Bummed
Mission 28 28 Vienna Louis Not Bummed
Mission 29 29 Luxembourg (City) P.C. Bourne Helped
Mission 30 30 Bergen P.C. Bourne Not Bummed
Mission 31 31 Kraków Eric Helped
Mission 32 32 Rome Shaft Not Bummed
Mission 33 33 Bayeux Barney Helped
Mission 34 34 Skipton Eric Bummed
Mission 35 35 Kendal P.C. Bourne Helped