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Oslo was the setting for Mission 8, where Gløgg was recruited.


Mike's Oslo Diary

David's Oslo Diary



Only Rupert gave a shit
Only Rupert gave a shit

Boringamedes exist in adundance in museums. They are usually areas which contain lots of uninteresting artifacts in glass cases. Whilst these artifacts tend to be quite old (more than 50 years) they are generally incredibly dull and can take the form of anything from tiny brittle coins to little bits of wood. Despite the lack of interest in these artifacts, boringamedes exist to this very day. The dicking around boys are particularly fond of boringamedes and tend to linger looking at the objects whilst the disgruntled boys move on. One such boringamede was discovered by the Colonel's Regiment in the Viking Ship Museum in 8 Oslo. Rupert spent quite a while there and found the dessicated old Viking currency and rotting arrowheads fascinating.

= Castle Arrghh

The Castle Arrghh is the site of the mythical Holy Grail, according to the feature film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Knights of the Round table devoted their lives to hunting down the final resting place of the grail. Having found an inscription on a wall which said that the final resting place of the Holy Grail was in the Castle Arrghh, they first thought that the guy who wrote it must have died whilst carving it. King Arthur then pointed out that if he died he wouldn't bother to carve "Arrghh", he'd just say it. Galahad suggested that he might have been dictating, but this was also dismissed as stupidity. After suggesting that he might have meant St Avveess or the Camarrghhhe, they eventually found the Castle Arrghh across the bridge of death.

The Colonel's Regiment found what they believed to be the Castle Arrghh on a hill across the water from 8 Oslo castle. They suggested an excursion to visit it and perhaps claim the Holy Grail for themselves, but couldn't find out how to get there. On the final day in 8 Oslo, they discovered that what they thought was the Castle Arrghh bore a strong resemblance to a prison and realised that it may not be the Castle Arrghh after all.


A large orm
A large orm

A park in centralish 8 Oslo and setting for the largest stone orm in Europe.


View across Oslofjorden from Holmenkollen
View across Oslofjorden from Holmenkollen

The Holmenkollen is a large hill outside 8 Oslo. It's possible to go on a train up the side of it, visit a ski jump and, if you're fortunate enough to go there in winter, tramp around on the cross country skiing trails and throw massive snowballs at Moules' head.

The hot chocolates at the top are very expensive, but there's a rule that, if you finish your drink whilst still in the queue, you can refill at no extra charge.

Summit 21

View from Summit 21
View from Summit 21

A bar in 8 Oslo. It is situated on the 21st floor (hence the name) of the Radisson SAS Scandinavia, the hotel that the Colonel's Regiment stayed in during Mission 8 8 Oslo. The views over the city are impressive and the Colonel's Regiment visited the bar a few times during their stay. It was suggested that it should be the site for the final night stammtisch but, after much discussion, that honour went to Andy's bar instead. Summit 21 is famous for pretty good non-alcoholic Summit 21 cocktails.


Tomas is a friendly mentalist who lives in 8 Oslo. He decided to sit with the Colonel's Regiment whilst they were in a bar during their second night in 8 Oslo. He also gave them a recommendation for dinner. Tomas is well-versed in weather prediction, perhaps thanks to a useful sideline in climate modelling. Unfortunately, owing to the high cost of alcohol in 8 Oslo, Tomas can only afford to drink one night a week. Tomas is from the working classes.

Well team

"Well team!" is a cry issued whenever any of the Colonel's Regiment hear the sound of a gong. This is in tribute to the 80s and 90s classic kids television programme "Knightmare", in which brave dungeoneers ventured into a dungeon, guided by their friends and fought monsters. The game was overseen by a Dungeon Master called Treguard, who had a trusty sidekick, Pickle. At the end of each episode, a gong went off and Treguard said, "Well team, time is up for another week," or some variation on this theme.

In Oslo, the Colonel's Regiment went up the Holmenkollen on a train and, on the way back down, were fortunate enough to be on a train with a gong which sounded just before every stop. Having recognised the similarity to Knightmare, Dave, David and Mike proceeded to say "Well Team!" every stop. This eventually annoyed the remainder of the Colonel's Regiment.