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An Austrian concept roughly translated to mean "a meeting between friends". It was discovered at the Augustiner Braustübl in Salzburg. Steve noticed that we were sitting at a table with a placard that read "stammtisch". He was very excited by this and told us that someone he worked with had explained the concept to him.

In Austria it is traditional for a group of friends to book a particular table in a place for an evening and then any of the friends can turn up at any point in the evening with the knowledge that some people they know will be there. This fantastic concept was adopted by the Colonel's Regiment. They held a proper stammtisch on their last night in Salzburg at the Augustiner Braustübl.

Stammtisch locations

Augustiner Braustübl

A beer hall in 4 Salzburg that is attached to a monastery and in which the monks brew their own beer. Beer is served in litres. Singing is not allowed, but this did not stop a group of rugby playing drunks, and also Dave, David and Mike who sang renditions of "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag", "Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler?" and "Inflamation of the foreskin". It is also famous for allowing people to have a stammtisch. The Colonel's Regiment took advantage of this and used the venue to host their final night stammtisch in Salzburg. Dave and Steve were the first to arrive at the stammtisch, followed by Rupert and David and finally Chris and Mike.

American bar

In 5 Genoa a final night stammtisch was held at the American bar. Drinks are very pricey there, but are accompanied by crisps, nuts and sometimes even mini toasted paninis. This time Dave and Chris were the first to arrive, followed by Amal and Mike and finally joined by Rupert and David.


A bar in 6 Heidelberg, frequented by masses of students on Saturday nights and apparently no one any other night of the week. I-Punkt is decked out with high tables and bar stools and is famous for an extensive schnapps menu including Sauerapfel and Apfelkorn. Steve and Mike arriving first. They were joined an hour later by David and Rupert. Rupert nearly got knocked out by an overhead light shaped like a penis falling out of the ceiling.

Luz de Gas

It is situated on a boat in Port Vell, 7 Barcelona. It was a particular favourite with the Colonel's Regiment as it serves top quality sangria and tapas. Amal and Mike were the first to arrive. After relaxing with tapas and sangria, they were joined by Dave and Chris and finally by David and Rupert.

Andy's bar

The site of the final night stammtisch in 8 Oslo. It is a sports bar on the main street. Chris and Mike being the first ones to arrive. They were shortly joined by Steve and David and some time later by Rupert and Dave. Steve was delighted to get an opportunity to see Newcastle United play Chelsea on the big screen there, but wasn't so delighted when the final score was 4–0 to Chelsea.


Gollem is a bar in 9 Amsterdam. It is a very small bar which serves about a hundred different kinds of bottled beer. The small bar is located on the left as you enter the bar and the majority of the seating is up a narrow flight of stairs opposite the entrance. There is a small flight of stairs leading down to a very strange bathroom with a raised toilet in it. The Colonel's regiment spent a pleasant evening in this bar on the final night of Amsterdam, with Steve and Mike arriving first to the stammtisch. About ten minutes later, David and Rupert arrived. After about half an hour, Dave joined the group, with Jon arriving a further 45 minutes later. Moules wandered in much later, having taken the opportunity to perform some dicking around on his own somewhere.

It is claimed that the similarity between the name of the bar and the character Gollum from The Lord of the Rings is pure coincidence. It is speculated that they did laugh when first they found out.

Havana bar

The Havana bar is a bar in 10 Zürich with a Cuban theme. It is in the old town at the edge of the Christmas market. Unable to wake Dave, Mike left for the stammtisch on his own, arriving first. Ten minutes later he was joined by Amal and David. About 40 minutes later, Chris and Rupert turned up, with Dave finally joining the regiment a further 20 minutes later.

Cafe Kamienica

The Cafe Kamienica, tucked away in a quaint back street in old town 11 Gdańsk, quickly became a favourite of the Regiment. They are famous for their kamikadze cocktails served in four separate glasses. Mike arrived at the stammtisch first, at about ten minutes to six. Dave joined him 10 minutes later, with Jon arriving a further 20 minutes after Dave. 40 minutes later, David and Rupert arrived, with Chris turning up about 5 minutes afterwards.

Chris had a screaming orgasm in the Cafe Kamienica.


Vespa is a bar on the main street in 12 Helsinki. In the winter, it serves a variety of good beers and glogi, some of which is laced with a variety of Finnish schnapps. Mike and David arrived at the stammtisch first, at about twenty past six. Chris and Rupert joined them just over an hour later, with Steve arriving a further 20 minutes after Chris and Rupert.


Kaffibarinn is a bar in central 13 25 Reykjavík. Its most unusual feature is the presence of a London Underground sign outside it. Apparently this is owing to the influence of Damon Albarn from Blur, who is rumoured to be part owner of the establishment. The Colonel's Regiment visited Kaffibarinn twice in Reykjavik - on the first night and again for the final night stammtisch. Whilst pleasant during the week when there are few people there, which enable you to make use of the comfortamead area upstairs, on the weekend it turns into a horrible, crowded smokamead and should be avoided at all costs.

Mike and David arrived at the stammtisch first at around 6p.m. Chris and Rupert joined them around 7.15p.m.


Schateke is a bar in 14 Hanover which the Colonel's men visited several times during mission 14. On the final night, Mike was the first to arrive, around 6.00p.m. David and Rupert bumped into Steve and Dave on route to the stammtisch, but took the stairs from the room whilst the others took the lift. They then got a head start and arrived at the stammtisch around 6.30p.m. After stopping for gluhwein on route, Dave and Steve joined the others around 7.00p.m.

Schateke is also the place where they first obtained Hel's choice from the mentalist list, from a rather eccentric waitress. She picked Wrocław and was disappointed that it didn't win the overall draw. She obviously didn't understand the significance of Hel's choice.


The 15 Geneva stammtisch was held outdoors at the cafe bar Arn. Mike and Dave were the first to arrive, around 5.10p.m. David and Rupert arrived 50 minutes later at about 6.00p.m. with Chris finally joining the regiment at 7.00p.m.


The 16 Athens stammtisch was again held outdoors at the bar Pavel. Mike and Dave were the first to arrive, around 5.20p.m. David joined them about half an hour later at 5.50p.m. with Rupert and Steve arriving at around 6.20p.m.

Cafe Moustachio

The 17 36 Porto stammtisch was held outdoors at Cafe Moustachio. Dave and David arrived first around 7.00p.m. with Rupert and Mike arriving just after them at around 7.05p.m. Steve joined them somewhat later at around 7.45p.m.


The 18 Berlin stammtisch was held at Brel bar. Mike and Steve arrived first at around 5.30p.m. David and Rupert joined them later, at around 6.10p.m.

The Pub

One of very few bars in 19 Valletta, this is where Oliver Reed had his final drink during the filming of Gladiator. Dave was the first to arrive around 6p.m. Mike and David arrived about half an hour later, with Rupert and Steve joining them at around 7p.m.

't Poatersgat

One of the Yorkshire pubs of 20 Bruges, it is housed in a cellar.


A basement bar in Pest. The Colonel's Regiment had their first night meal there and returned for the Stammtisch. Dave went off to dick around from the Christmas market and arrived first. Steve and Mike joined him about 20 minutes later with David and Rupert arriving around 30 minutes after that.

Portas do Sol

A bar on a hill near the castle with views over the Tagus. The Colonel's Regiment played Schweinere there on the second night and returned for the Stammtisch. Dave and Chris arrived first, with Rupert and David joining them 5 minutes later having walked up the hill to avoid the riot at Rossio. Mike and Steve got held up waiting for a tram because of the riot, and arrived about 5 minutes after that.

Huks Fluks

The bar, not the map, in Copenhagen. It shares a square with Restaurant Peder Oxe and Budget Peder Oxe. The Colonel's Regiment drank in Huks Fluks on all the evenings of mission 23, playing Pete Gibbon's Schweinere tournament there and returning for the stammtisch. David and Mike arrived first just after 5p.m. Rupert and Dave took advantage of wine hour in the hotel and arrived about an hour later.

't Gouden Mandeken

A bar in Ghent by the river. The Colonel's Regiment had a drink there on day two and returned there for the stammtisch. Mike arrived first at around 6.00p.m. with David and Rupert arriving about 30 minutes later. Dave and Steve then joined about 15 minutes afterwards.

Drei Mohren

Is a bar/restaurant on the main drag (yes, that was the main drag) in Partenkirchen. The Colonel's regiment had a drink there on the first night, meeting future Linton, a meal there on the second night and returned for the stammtisch on the final night. Steve and Mike arrived first at around 6.15p.m., with David and Rupert joining them about 5 minutes later.

No Name Bar

Although this bar is called No Name Bar, people refer to it as the no name bar, an irony that Jaques Derrida and Rene Magritte would have appreciated. The Colonel's men used this as their stammtisch location and regularly appreciated the irony. David and Rupert were first to arrive with Mike and Dave joining them 15 minutes later, having attended a wedding at the local cathedral. Steve arrived another half an hour afterwards.

Mel's Craft Beers

Mel's Craft Beers is a place that serves a very large collection of craft beers in bottles in a handy 2 for 1 deal. However, most of the beers in the 2 for 1 offer have sold out so it can take some time to make an order. You also have to be very careful to ensure that you have drunk an even number of beers at the end of the evening. That said, should you make a mistake, Mel normally allows you to carry over your free beer to the following evening. The Colonel's men enjoyed craft beers and burgers in Mel's Craft Beers on the first night and returned for the stammtisch. Mike and Steve arrived first at around 5.15p.m. and Dave joined them a few minutes later. David and Rupert arrived at around 5.45p.m. Chris eventually turned up at about 7.00p.m. having stayed in his room to watch the end of the Rio Olympics women's triathalon.

Scott's Bar

Scott's Bar is a pub by the river in the valley in Luxembourg City. Service is slow and loud music is played at intervals. The Colonel's men went there for their stammtisch on Mission 29 29 Luxembourg (City). Mike arrived first around 4.50pm. David and Rupert arrived about 15 minutes later. Steve and Dave joined them around 5.30pm.


Apollon is a record store. It is also a bar serving a wide selection of craft beers. The Colonel's men visited Apollon on every night of Mission 30 30 Bergen. On the first night they were served by a helpful bearded man who provided Hel's destination on the final night. At the stammtisch, Mike arrived first around 5.40p.m. At 6.00p.m., David and Rupert arrived and purchased a five beer selectoid for the table, which came in a handy wooden tray with five compartments. Dave finally joined them at 6.30p.m.

CK Brower

CK Brower is a basement bar in Krakow that the Colonel's Regiment visited for beer, including a selectoid, and snacks on day 2 of Mission 31 31 Kraków. They returned for the stammtisch. Dave and Mike arrived first, but owing to a blunder, Mike locked Rupert and David into the Airbnb. He therefore had to leave the stammtisch, run through the streets of Krakow and rescue them, before returning with them to the stammtisch. Once back, the regiment ordered a massive tube of beer for the table and a round of kamikadzes.

The Drunken Ship

The Drunken Ship is a bar in the Campo de Fiore area of Rome. The Colonel's regiment visited it on every night of Mission 32 32 Rome and got served by Simone, who was apparently the best bar tender in Rome. On the evening of the stammtisch, Dave decided to do some dicking around in the Vatican area, so David, Rupert, Steve and Mike took an Uber from the Airbnb, arriving at around 6.30p.m. Dave joined about half an hour later.

The Post Office Bar

The Colonel's Regiment intended to go to Restaurant Sean Pertwee for the stammtisch on Mission 33 33 Bayeux, but Dave and Mike discovered that it was closed, so had to go to the bar that was located inside the post office instead. Rupert and David arrived about 20 minutes later.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a bar by the canal in 34 Skipton that the Colonel's Regiment spent the afternoon in on the first day of mission 34. They returned for the stammtisch on the final day at around 4p.m., arriving all together after first visiting the Beer Engine and the Mess Room.

The Fell Brewery Bar

The Fell Brewery Bar in a bar in 35 Kendal, just off the main drag. As well as serving a wide array of beers, it also serves pizzas in two different sizes. The Colonel's Regiment went there on day 1 for pizza and beer and returned for the stammtisch, all arriving together after a short walk down the hill from Dave's house.

The Right Testicle

In 36 Rye, the Colonel’s Men spent the final afternoon in the Three Legs Brewery in Broad Oak before returning to the Oast House for the stammtisch in the chill out area in the right testicle of the oast house. Dave went straight there and was soon joined by Mike, followed by David. Rupert eventually joined them some time later.

That Bar Where They Serve The Bottles

This was a bar in 34 37 Sarajevo that served bottles. David arrived with Michael after a sharpening of Room in the Airbnb. Dave and Rupert followed.


Sirkus is the bar on the upper floor of the craft beer place in Tórshavn, which would have been the stammtisch had it not been closed on Sundays. Dave arrived first having thought better of/lied about going to the Irish bar, followed after not very long by the remaining men.