Daily activities

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Over the years, as a result of the natural progression of a weekend break as well as the requirements of the draw, Colonel's missions have evolved a fairly consistent form, with certain activities generally performed on particular days. Some breaks being shorter than others, not all these days are always present.

Orientation day

After arriving at the destination, the men scout out the locality and get a feel for the area.

During the evening meal, these activities take place:

Second day

On this day, the Regiment explore the destination more thoroughly. This day may be exchanged with the excursion day, or two excursions may be attempted, depending on practicalities.

Over lunch on this day, or on the excursion day, the men participate in

At some point between this day and the draw, suitable candidates are sought for

After the evening meal, drinks are sought and a venue chosen for

This day is a good opportunity to identify a stammtisch location.

Excursion day and draw night

On this day, the Regiment venture further afield. At lunch on this day, the toasts are performed.

After the excursion, the stammtisch is convened at the chosen location, followed by a meal (often pizza) at which the draw is concluded.

Disorientation day

Sometimes, there is a significant part of this day available before the trip home. This can be used for further sightseeing (as in Mission 19 19 Valletta) or for sitting in a cafe in the rain getting bored (as in Mission 2 2 Dublin).