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Number of missions 21 (Mission 5 5 Genoa, Mission 6 6 Heidelberg, Mission 7 7 Barcelona, Mission 8 8 Oslo, Mission 9 9 Amsterdam, Mission 10 10 Zürich, Mission 11 11 Gdańsk, Mission 12 12 Helsinki, Mission 13 13 25 Reykjavík, Mission 14 14 Hanover, Mission 15 15 Geneva, Mission 16 16 Athens, Mission 17 17 36 Porto, Mission 18 18 Berlin, Mission 20 20 Bruges, Mission 22 22 Lisbon, Mission 23 23 Copenhagen, Mission 24 24 Arnhem, Mission 25 25 Ghent, Mission 27 27 Sofia,Mission 34 34 Skipton)
Missions commanded 0
Draw privilege Shaft's shaft round
Shafts a destination 1/3 of the time (unless affected by Gløgg)
Destinations selected 17 Palermo, Gran Canaria
average finishing position in draws 4.00 (--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,--,6,--,--,--,--,2,--,--,--)
Best finish in a draw 2nd (Mission 21 21 Budapest)
Worst finish in a draw 8th (Mission 15 15 Geneva)
Preceding mascot Kurt
Following mascot Grosser Vass

Shaft joined the Colonel's Regiment on Mission 5 5 Genoa. Although the break was held in 5 Genoa, he was actually recruited in the principality of Monaco. 5 Genoa proved to be a city famous for shafting and it seemed right that Shaft should be named in honour of this fact. He proudly sports Formulino overalls in a mock Ferrari style and enjoys unzipping them so he can cool down after a hard day walking around in the heat. He speaks with a French accent and in the short time he has been with the Colonel's Regiment he has succeeded in alienating the Little Lucky Leprechaun.

Shaft's shaft round

On Mission 6 6 Heidelberg Shaft was granted a role in the draw for the first time. A hat is prepared containing

  • each absent Colonel's Men who has submitted a destination
  • all mascots who hold destinations at this point
  • Kurt
  • Gløgg, if he has bummed a mascot with a destination
  • twice as many blank tiles as the total of the above, to give a one in three chance that a destination will be pulled out.

If a man or mascot is pulled out, it is shafted and takes no further part in the draw.

If Kurt is shafted, his destination is reintroduced into the draw as Shaft's choice.

If Gløgg bummed a mascot with a destination and is shafted, the original destination is reintroduced into the draw as Shaft's choice.

Interaction with Gløgg

If Gløgg bums Shaft, three times as many blank pieces of paper are used as destinations, reducing the chance to 1 in 4.

If he helps him, only one set of blank pieces of paper is used, raising the chance to 1 in 2.


Mission Shafted destination Shafted participant Notes
Mission 6 6 Heidelberg Perpignan Chris
Mission 7 7 Barcelona Switzerland Little Lucky Leprechaun
Mission 14 14 Hanover Halifax (Nova Scotia) P.C. Bourne
Mission 16 16 Athens Fiji P.C. Bourne
Mission 15 15 Geneva N/A Kurt 17 Palermo (Dave) reintroduced into the draw
Mission 20 20 Bruges 3 Stockholm P.C. Bourne
Mission 32 32 Rome 30 Bergen P.C. Bourne
Mission 35 35 Kendal Bucharest Pete Gibbon