Moules on ice

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Moules, on ice.

A performance that the Colonel's Regiment were fortunate enough to be treated to during mission 4 in Salzburg. Moules, a proficient skater, took to the ice whilst the remainder of the Colonel's Regiment sat by the side of the ice rink drinking glühwein and eating Mozart's balls. Chris did make one blunder during this display - he crashed into a little kid who got in his way and sent him flying. For this stunt, Chris got shouted at by an angry Austrian woman. The Little Lucky Leprechaun was also treated to a trip around the ice rink during the display.

Chris repeated the Moules On Ice show in Oslo, in a floodlit ice rink in the middle of a building site.

The regiment were treated to a third installment in Zürich, where Chris found a suitable rink in the courtyard of a museum. Unfortunately, it was so cold that the disgruntled boys were forced to take refuge in a boringamede just to keep warm.

In Helsinki, Chris repeated his show for a third time, in the square next to the train station. This time, Rupert took part as well, for the new version of the show, Poop on ice.