Mission Commander

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The Mission Commander is charged with the responsibility of leading the Colonel's Regiment into the field. Whoever selected the destination to be visited on a particular mission is allocated the role of mission commander. Thus far:

Chris was in charge in 22px-Flag of France.svg.png Colonel.pngColonel.png1 Paris
Rupert in 22px-Flag of Ireland.svg.png Colonel.png2 Dublin
David in 22px-Flag of Sweden.svg.png Colonel.png3 Stockholm
the Little Lucky Leprechaun in 22px-Flag of Austria.svg.png Colonel.png4 Salzburg
Dave in 22px-Flag of Italy.svg.png Colonel.png5 Genoa
Mike in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png6 Heidelberg
Amal in 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png Colonel.pngColonel.png7 Barcelona
Steve in 22px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Colonel.png8 Oslo
the Little Lucky Leprechaun in 22px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Colonel.png9 Amsterdam
David in 20px-Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Colonel.png10 Zürich
Rupert in 22px-Flag of Poland.svg.png Colonel.png11 Gdańsk
Mike in 22px-Flag of Finland.svg.png Colonel.png12 Helsinki
David in 22px-Flag of Iceland.svg.png Colonel.png13 Alan-Shearer.png 25 Reykjavík
PC Bourne in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png14 Hanover
Mike in 20px-Flag of Switzerland.svg.png Colonel.png15 Geneva
Rupert in 22px-Flag of Greece.svg.png Colonel.png16 Athens
Chris in 22px-Flag of Portugal.svg.png Colonel.png17 Porto
Steve in 22px-Flag of Germany.svg.png Colonel.png18 Berlin
David in 22px-Flag of Malta.svg.png Colonel.png19 Valletta